Jumat, 20 April 2012

Press Release Script

The fastest, smartest way to start and manage your content driven web site.
What is Press Release Script?

Press Release Script is the most innovative solution you need to launch a customizable content driven web site in the shortest period of time. From user-friendly customization options to easy content creation process, Your Press Releases Site prides itself in content authoring for its users... regardless of technical limitations.

How can you benefit from investing in Press Release Script?...

·         Make Money with Google Adsense, Affiliates and Advertisement.
·         Accept PayPal Payments for User Levels Upgrades.
·         COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION - Save and be online in 30 minutes.
·         Publish Press Releases, news, important information FAST and EASY.
·         SEAMLESS MANAGEMENT - total workflow management. Publish & approve
content simultaneously.
·         Support an UNLIMITED NUMBER of content contributors.
·         CUSTOMIZE & change the look of web site with one click.here==>http://bit.ly/P7enet

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